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Insta Pro

InstaPro InstaPro is the best mod for Instagram lovers to enjoy the pro features and the full potential of the platform. For anonymity lovers, it has ghost mode, privacy features, and anonymity features. From chats to posts and feeds to broadcasts, you can stay anonymous everywhere. This app also offers complete customization galore with themes, and built-in UI customizer. You can download status, reels, videos, posts, images, DPs, and all other media content. Smart ad-blocker will remove ads and the post filter will bring desired posts to your feeds. Moreover, it also includes many text features as it brings multi-language, font styles, text copying, bio copying, language translation, and other text features. For privacy lovers, it has advanced chat privacy settings and a built-in app lock. Moreover, there is a complete account and device safety with this app.


Dual Account

The pro version of Insta brings dual account support that allows you to run two accounts simultaneously. You can keep two accounts live without the hassle of account switching or managing two devices.


There are hundreds of Instagram MODs and rejigged apps but most are unsafe for your account. InstaPro APK is among the best of all due to its anti-ban protection shield for your account safety. You can enjoy all the pro features without exposing your account to any ban risk.

Ghost Mode

To give you anonymous socializing, Insta Pro has ghost mode and anonymity features. This ghost mode and anonymity features will hide your presence from chats, news feeds, posts, IGTV, and reel view lists. Enjoy complete anonymity and wander this social media platform like a ghost without revealing your presence.

Media Download

You can download all sorts of media files from profile images to IGTV and from Insta reels to videos. It offers a one-tap download for all videos, reels, images, and IGTV. Moreover, the quality of video downloads in HD quality and image downloads are also in high quality.

What is InstaPro APK?

Instagram is the world’s leading social media platform after Facebook and comes with very tight security rules. Hence, users wanna overcome those tight restrictions. They look for Mod and pro apps to enhance their social appearance and influence. Among those mods and pro versions Insta Pro APK is the best one designed for Android users. It offers media downloads, anonymity, customization galore, ghost mode, security measures, and a variety of text options. Moreover, it comes with app lock, 100% account safety, anti-ban, and enhanced privacy features.

What Is Instagram Pro APK?

It is a remodeled version of the official Instagram app to break the barrier of official restriction. This version will help you to modify your social approach on this platform. It comes with media download, enhanced privacy, high-quality media upload/download, and complete customization authority. You can rejig everything in the app and also filters your news feeds using its advanced post filters. Moreover, for your socializing satisfaction, it also includes an ad-blocker and allows you to save images & DPs.

Pro Features of Insta Pro

Instagram’s official app has tons of features that make it the leading social media platform in the world. This pro version includes all those core features plus dozens of pro features that are not even in the official app of Instagram. Let’s enlist all of those.

  • Enhanced Privacy Protection.
  • Complete UI customization control.
  • Professional toolbox to enhance your social influence.
  • Post manager and smart post filters.
  • Personalized socializing.
  • Language translator.
  • Multi-language support.
  • HD quality video and image uploads.
  • Media downloads in HD quality.
  • Anonymous socializing experience.
  • Built-in theme collection.
  • Icon customization.
  • App lock.
  • Visual enhancement.
  • No Ads
  • Emoji packs.
  • Playback feature for videos.
  • Copy captions & bios.
  • Stylish text fonts.

In addition to these listed features, there are plenty of more amazing features in this app.  


InstaPro is undoubtedly the best for any Instagram lover. It contains all the assets and features that any Instagram user wants. From customization galore to theme store, and app personalization to post personalization, this app is just awesome. It brings anonymity with ghost mode and its enhanced privacy gives a security shield to your social experience. Download InstaPro APK now and unleash the pro potential of the app for free with complete device security and 100% account safety.



How to update the Insta Pro App?

If you are already using this pro version and your pro app is outdated then you can easily update it. Just visit the download page of this InstaPro website and grab the latest version of the app for free updates of your pro app.

Is Instapro safe?

You should never worry about the safety of your device and account as long as you are downloading the app from this page. Our APK file comes with an anti-ban feature and it is safe for the device as we tested it on different software and devices to ensure complete safety of your device.